Arisun Mount Baldy C3 RSD DH Race Folding Tyre - various sizes


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The Arisun Mount Baldy C3 DH Race Tyre gives the Downhill/Freeride rider exceptional traction and great cornering along with added side grip and superb sidewall defence.


This Arisun Mount Baldy is designed for the Downhill / Freeride connoisseur and creates harmony between traction, rolling resistance and cornering. The 120 tpi carcass and the C3 DH runner compound bring the Mount Baldy tread pattern to an even higher level. The traction is created by the large wedge shaped knobs running down the central tread helping to gain speed fast yet optimising your rolling resistance, while the super soft compound acts as a shock absorber for big hits. The split side knobs add even better grip on the decent while those aggressive shoulder knobs made from extra soft compound rubber really get you safely through the rapid decent cornering. This tyre also comes with super lightweight reinforced sidewall defence (RSD) protecting you from 'snakebite' punctures yet not adding much weight at all. A lightweight and foldable race tyre. Weights: 26x2.35 = 625g; 26x2.5=880g; 27.5x2.35=660g.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Colour Black
ETRTO 58-559 / 60-559 / 58-584
Pattern A-802
Compound C3-DH
Casing 120tpi
Puncture Resistance ND+ / RB2 +B / ND+
Pressure PSI 35-65
Bead Aramid (foldable)
Weight 0g