Arisun XLR8 Sentinel PD RSD+ 700x28 Due April 2020


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The puncture proofing on this tyre is outstanding whilst the grip and cornering are exceptional.


The creation of the XLR8 Sentinel saw us mix a high performance BMX racing tread with a hybrid/city tyre. We wanted the very best tread possible for grip on all surfaces and also with the ability to disperse water that was second to none! The XLR8 Sentinel grips fantastically well on tarmac, concrete, gravel tracks and compact dirt all year round (although not suitable for snow or compact ice). The tread also wraps around to the shoulders of the tyre giving excellent grip even while cornering. This gives our hybrid/city customers the peace of mind to ride on most surfaces all year round. The XLR8 Sentinel also has an amazing 5mm puncture defence layer (PD) under the tread (4mm on the 25C version) which is specially designed to keep nearly all sharp objects out stopping potential punctures. The 32C/35C & 38C sizes come with our reinforced sidewall defence (RSD) and the 28C size comes with extra puncture proof layer that wraps bead to bead (RB2). The carcass of the tyre is 60tpi giving is good flexibility and grip, plus, for extra visibility all XL8R Sentinel’s come with a reflective stripe on the sidewall. Available in sizes: 700 x 25C/28C/32C/35C/38C. MSRP £38. Other specification: 25C psi 90-110 / weight 515g. 28C psi 80-100 / weight 560g. 32C psi 50-85 / weight 700g. 35C psi 50-75 / weight 735g. 38C psi 50-75 / weight 810g.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 700 x 28
Colour Black + reflective sidewall
ETRTO 28-622
Pattern A-705
Compound 68a
Casing 60tpi
Puncture Resistance PD RSD
Pressure PSI No
Bead Wire
Weight 0g