We were once of the opinion that ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’, applying this thought almost always, when selecting new tyres. But what if there were an even better option out there? Something even more reliable and would do an even better job? We would never know and we would never discover a whole new world of rolling resistance and puncture resistance. That was until we discovered the test of truth by BikesEtc!

BikesEtc have tried and tested a selection of different winter tyres, so you don’t have to! We’re even more impressed to tell you that our own Arisun Rapide C2 PRO have come out on top! – Receiving a ‘Best In Test’ in their recent latest issue!

But what did they have to do to receive this prestigious award, against big name winter tyres, like Continental Gatorskin and Schwalbe Durano DD?

Well, they had to survive riding through broken glass! The dreaded friend of the gutter, glass can be the most destructive material for tyres, often resulting in instant blowouts or pinch cuts. So, although we had the utmost faith and confident in the Arisun Rapide C2 PRO's performance, when BikesEtc told us they would ride over glass no less than 20 times, we were, of course, wondering what kind of magic any tyre would have to pull off to survive!

May be it was magic, or may be it was the K3 Kevlar Belt hidden within this lightweight tyre (Yup, that’s the same material as used in bullet proof vests!), but they survived it! And by the sounds of things, they could have gone on to endure a bunch more glass riding!


Arisun Rapide - Best in test

‘They survived our torture test with barely a scratch, never mind a puncture… We just couldn’t break them’

BikesEtc, March Edition, 2016


Scoring a 9/10 sure doesn’tcome easy, but the Arisun Rapide C2 PROs made light work of the glass, proving to us that the Arisun’s RB2 PRO puncture defence system makes these tyres, in the words of BikesEtc, ‘seriously tough customers’! To read the full test and to see how other tyres compared against the Rapides, purchase the latest issue of Bikes Etc, online or in store!

Arisun Rapide C2 PRO, avaliable exclusively with NEOS Cycling, to discover more, click here and to view the full Arisun range, click here.