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As I begin my journey I am filled with emotions. I’m nervous, yet incredibly excited. Paris is known for its beauty, its history and its romance. I wanted to experience the feeling that everyone raves about when in Paris.  

Its not often you get the opportunity to be a part of the biggest bike race of the year in such an iconic city. Last year I can remember sitting in my living room, tea in hand, tucked away under a blanket, watching and longing to be closer to the action. The Tour de France is something that I feel I owe a lot to. It inspired me, it provided me with cycling knowledge and it may also be the reason that I am following the path I am today. Many World Tour riders link their passion for cycling back to watching the Tour as a child. After all, this is the greatest race of them all, of course you have the Giro d’italia but it would seem that for many pro riders, riding the Tour gives you a sense of prestige and fulfilment, something that cant be found by riding any other race.




For me this trip is not just an opportunity to be up close and personal with the race itself, but it’s a chance to see the development of cycling. As previously mentioned I had followed the Tour on TV last year and since falling in love with the sport I have already seen a huge development. Cycling is growing and advancing far beyond what I could have imagined. Its no longer just a sport, it’s a way of life and you can really sense this in Paris. People have travelled far and wide to be a part of this and it’s an indescribable feeling knowing that I’m not the only one to be so deeply in love with cycling!




I couldn’t have asked for a better way to begin my adventure into France, Germany and Spain. This month I take on my mission to explore the world of Professional Cycling. Going behind the scenes of races, learning what it takes to be a World Tour rider and what we can do to adapt this into our every day lives, regardless of level. So whether it’s through nutritional advice, training plans (tried and tested), bike and kit advice or racing hints and tips, I will be keeping you in the loop! My other pursuit this summer is with launching now and providing me with huge excitement while on this trip. I can’t wait to finally meet the team! They are on an exciting new business journey - a journey I hope I can play a key part in!