Fusion RT is a UK cycling team competing at the highest level in the UK cycling calendar, including the Women's Team Series and the British Cycling National Women's Road Series. Their mission? To become the best women's cycling team in the UK!

The team is managed by Terry Williamson, who has over 10 years of managing teams. The team originally began in 2010 and was known as the Women's Team of Abergavenny Road Club. After successes throughout 2010 to 2013, the team were given the chance to become a standalone sponsored trade team. From there, the successes have just kept rolling in.

Their focus on road cycling has seen them achieve excellent results which include the Team Prize in one of the UK's most renowned races, Ras na mBan in 2015! They also achieved a second in the Women's Teams Series in 2015, which saw them take the team prize in the Bedford 3-day race.

Fusion RT Fierlan

The partnership between NEOS Cycling and Fusion RT will see Fierlan Cycling as one of the main headline sponsors, which came as a huge delight to the Fierlan team. Fierlan Director, Lucy Gardner, told NEOS Cycling that "When we were approached by Fusion with the possibility of a partnership, we knew we had to make it happen. Sponsoring a trade team has always been on our dream list and we were thrilled to achieve this goal so quickly."

Fusion RT will be wearing Fierlan designed and produced kit and with the help of the team's expert knowledge and feedback, Fierlan will develop the range further. "The Fusion women are incredibly talented and dedicated to their team. We’re looking forward to utilising their racing expertise and experience to help us develop and evolve our women’s cycling collection and of course we love the possibility of seeing our kit on the podium!"

In addition to Fierlan Cycling, Tuzii, Airsmith, Arisun and JCOOL will be getting involved with helping Fusion RT reach their goals of the season. Providing the tools and accessories to get them through the tough training rides, races and helping to maintain their bikes. Airsmith said that "we are eager to support them on this journey, as well as learn new and exciting things from the team, for our own development in 2016!" 

While Arisun have previously experience with team sponsorship, they were keen to get involved in the development of Women's Cycling, especially in the UK. "We want to support Fusion RT and assist them in becoming the best Women’s team in the UK, the year ahead will be particularly important with the introduction of even more top level UK races and we know they can be up there, with the best of the best!" The team will be riding on the Arisun Allure C2-PRO K3 Tyres for most races, as well as award-winning, Arisun Rapide C2 PRO RB2



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