At NEOS, we strive to bring new exciting brands to the forefront of the UK cycling industry. We not only work with some of the best independent bike shops across the UK to distribute these unique brands to you, but we work extensively on the behind the scenes development and strategies for the future of the brands in the UK.

The name may not be so familiar right now but ZC Rubber is a company based in East Asia that has been collaborating and producing some of the most well-known and loved tyres on the current market, for many years. Through these collaborations, ZC Rubber has been able to enhance and push the technology boundaries in their production. ZC Rubber’s Research and Development team is simply impressive – they’re constantly researching new ways to improve and revolutionise the bike and even motor, tyre market.

With over 57 years of rubber production knowledge and experience, ZC Rubber has certainly hit the ground running with the introduction of Arisun. With offerings to suit just about any cyclist, from road cyclists to downhill riders, the range is extensive. Arisun are striving to be as diverse as possible, with prices ranging from just £20 to £40.  In addition to price, there are many technical specifications available within the range. Arisun has done a great job of delivering amazing tread patterns to enhance your riding experience, but these treads are also delivered with variations of complex rubber compounds for further enhanced performance and grip. And of course, the range wouldn’t be complete without a great choice of puncture proof technologies for you to choose from. 




  •  C2-ULTRA utilises Ultra Silica Rubber Compound that was specially formulated with firm central tread that reduces rolling resistance and increases tread life. Shoulder compound is soft for outstanding grip while cornering. As used in the grippy road race tyre, which is perfect for crits, the Vitesse C2-ULTRA ND+ Race Tyre

  •  C3-XC tyre compound is formulated for Cross Country riding and built with a firm base layer that provides stability. Central tread surface utilises medium soft rubber for durability and slightly softer shoulder rubber to improve handling while cornering. As used in the Mount Graham Race Performance MTB Tyre, a favourite amongst Cross Country riders!


 Casing Construction


Puncture Defence


Finding that perfect tyre has never been easier with Arisun. With their expertise and knowledge and continued drive to bring you the best of the best, we are confident you will find a tyre to enhance your riding experience, no matter what terrain! 

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