Since it’s release in December 2015, it has remained as one of our most eye-catching and debated products. The Qbicle Tangent Mudguard may be small, but it packs a mighty punch. Stepping away from the traditional clunky, commuter style mudguards that slowly destroy your cyclist soul as you fix them to your hand-crafted titanium bike for the winter. Qbicle wanted to create something new, fresh and something that would not only be aesthetically pleasing on even the sleekest of road bikes but, something that would completely surpass the efforts of the current mudguard offerings.

Qbicle MudguardOur products go through a vast amount of testing before they get to our site, so we were sure of its ability. However, it was one product that had us wishing for a rainy day. Crazy, we know. But we just had to test them for ourselves. But while they look good, we were left wondering, how easy are they to fit and how on earth do they work!

Qbicle have made the fitting of the mudguards a real breeze. The only tool you need is a 5mm Allen wrench and you’re good to go. The instructions are simple and everything from bolts and screws are provided inside the box. The stay should be mounted to the CNC bracket and the actual mudguard itself fitted to the upper end of the stay and fixed into place with the relevant screws, as provided. It’s important to remember that positioning is key with these mudguards; they should be fixed in the position as shown in the photo.  

To understand how they work, take a look at the underside of the mudguard body. It’s not a smooth surface like traditional mudguards; there are small moulded channels that allow for water to flow out from the sides of the mudguard body. Meaning no spray up your back or on the face of the rider behind.  You may then wonder if the spray is directed straight onto your legs, but if positioned correctly, the water will flow outwards keeping you grim and grit free. 

The mudguard is available in Aluminium and Carbon, with the size options of 700 x 25, 32 and 35 in the Aluminium and 700 x 25 in full carbon. They are a great piece of kit to have, especially if you’re looking to maintain the beauty of your favourite bike.


Qbicle Mudguards, available to purchase online at NEOS Cycling here.

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