Pedal North is an independent group of like-minded individuals who share their passion for all things cycling. Their team is ever-growing with riders from across the UK, to as far as Australia and South America. With a trip to the Yorkshire hills beckoning, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to slip on a fresh set of tyres.

As with many cyclists, they had been sticking to the well-known brands, they were eager to try something new but had reservations to test something completely new. Although Arisun has been around for a few years over in Brazil, being a favourite amongst mountain bike riders and racers, they are new to the UK and sold exclusively with NEOS. They have an extensive research and development department which sees them create some of the most unstoppable and indestructible tyres (with some housing a BULLET PROOF MATERIAL!). But Arisun is quickly becoming a household name here in the UK too, you can read more about this movement by clicking here

Yorkshire Dales

So back to Yorkshire. If you've ever taken a trip to the Yorkshire Dales or happen to be very lucky to live close by, you'll know the roads can be a bit hit and miss. They aim to test each tyre that rolls through with it's wild and rugged lanes. The Arisun Allure C2 Pro - K3, as used by UK Elite Women's Team, Fusion RT, are what we describe as 'mixed road and weather' tyres and they are available in both 700x23 and 700x25. We recommend them for year round puncture free riding. Upon first impressions, the Pedal North team found the tyres easy to fit, compared to some folding tyres which can often be a bit tricky. The tyres also remain lightweight even with it's Kevlar belt within the tyres central puncture defence system.

The team found them to be hugely successful in tough conditions. Riding through lanes full of bramble cuttings and small thorns didn't seem to faze these tyres. 'The smooth inverted tread pattern is well thought out and directional, displacing water and cutting into corners, throwing you out of them with confidence; something critical in the loose and gravelly bends of the Yorkshire Dales.' The team also noticed the tyres excellent rolling resistance, it 'keeps the speed up for the racers amongst you, whilst balancing this for optimum handling in the wet'. 

Arisun Allure

'It's a tyre that will help to keep you safely fixed to the road, whilst not slowing you down. The rest I'm afraid is down to you!' - The Yorkshire Dales adventure was just the beginning. The team have been testing the tyres since the start of the year, through rain and sun, across the UK. The Arisun Allure C2 Pro - K3 have received 4 stars from the team and continue to impress. 

You can trust Arisun to keep you going further, for longer.

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