Arisun Cutting Edge 20x2.25 BMX Bike Tyre


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The Arisun Cutting Edge tyre is at its best when used for freestyle and flatland riding


The Arisun Cutting Edge cycle tyre is at its best when used for freestyle and flatland riding. The fully wrapped shoulder tread on this 20x2.25 tyre is great for tricks whilst the chevron tread pattern offers low rolling resistance.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 20 x 2.25 cm
Colour Black
ETRTO 57-406
Pattern A-703
Compound 68a
Casing 60tpi
Puncture Resistance N/A
Pressure PSI No
Bead Wire
Weight 560g
Awesome Tyre, hands down!
Being a BMX rider who rarely changes components to keep my bike feeling as familiar as possible on every ride I was overly sceptical when asked to give the Arisun Cutting Edge tyre a try knowing that these tyres great potential was on the street and skatepark, I decided to put it through the slider test at a local concrete skatepark. Needless to say, after 30+ sliders the tyre (front) is still in great shape and hasn’t eaten the tread in result. Overall it felt like a very planted tyre and felt great catching 360s on quarter pipes knowing this tyre would stick, Opposed to the very popular branded tyre I was riding before.
This tyre wasn’t designed for riding dirt jumps but giving my group had just built a few dirt jumps at the local trails, it would be rude not to. Needless to say, the cutting edge worked like magic and didn’t lose much grip at all.
What do I think?
Awesome tyre, hands down. A 2.25 which looks like a 2.40, for £20 each I have tyres that handle in what I deem to be every condition I’ve thrown at it (including wet sessions!) and has performed better than the tyres I had previous, which were twice the RRP! So good I’ve managed to convert one of my fellow riders to using the same tyres.
Review by James@Slam69 / (Posted on 22/09/2017)