Arisun Rapide C2-PRO RB2 Folding Road Tyre - Various Sizes


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The Arisun Rapide C2-PRO RB2 is a great all rounder. Use it for your commute, training, touring or even away on an expedition. PLUS see how it compares when it came top in Best in Test (BikesEtc March 2016 issue)

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The seriously tough Arisun Rapide C2-PRO RB2 tyre is a great multi-purpose road tyre. Constructed using Arisun's C2 ULTRA road rubber compound, it has a 60 tpi carcass. This compound enhances the tyre's directional arrow design tread which is great for traction whilst giving optimum handling and stability for most road conditions. The softer knurled shoulder tread adds more traction for cornering whilst the inverted tread helps displace water for wet weather grip. This bike tyre also has the amazing RB2 PRO puncture defence system. This system has a bead to bead nylon defence plus a K3 Kevlar belt (as used in bullet proof vests) running down the centre channel and comes with an Aramid bead making it lightweight and foldable. A tyre which is a great all rounder, whether you're commuting, training, touring or away on an expedition.

700 x 23 C2 PRO Black RB2 & K3 Folding 300g 100-120
700 x 25 C2 PRO Black RB2 & K3 Folding 310g 90-110
700 x 28 C2 PRO Black RB2 & K3 Folding 390g 80-100
700 x 32 C2 PRO Black RB2 & K3 Folding 455g 60-85
Additional Information

Additional Information

Colour Black
ETRTO 23-622
Pattern A-902
Compound C2-PRO
Casing 60tpi
Puncture Resistance RB2 PRO
Pressure PSI Variable: 700x23=100-120; 700x25=90-110; 700x28=80-100; 700x32=60-85
Bead Aramid
Weight 0g